Our Beloved Johasa

Johasa was named for two Kings in the Bible. He stole our families heart from the moment we each laid eyes on him. He was so tiny that he wobbled when he walked and he slept in our arms just as a baby would. He slept all the time just like a newborn does. But then he grew and he got stronger. He was so very special to us and so very smart.


At just a few weeks old, all in one day, we taught him to sit, sit-up and beg for cheerios, raise both paws up into the air when we said, "praise the Lord," shake hands, high five, and when he was a little bigger, go get the ball and bring it back.


Playing ball was his favorite game. He absolutely loved playing ball. His next favorite thing to do was, "Go to work." Every night he went to work on night shift at the water plant with my husband. He knew the routine that they would do every night. He went everywhere with us, vacation, wherever we went, he went.


This page is a tribute to our beloved family member. That is really what he was, not just our pet but part of the family. Many of these photographs are just point and shoot. But they are very special to us.


He passed away with his ball in his mouth. We still miss him every day even though he has been gone for two years. We still speak of him often. As I said, he stole our hearts.

May 17, 2011 - August 28, 2014

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