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I have personally partaken of the Pure Healthy Ingredients brought to us by Wholefood Farmacy for 13 years. It's not only very healthy, but very convenient for when you're on the go, as most of us are these days.


Thirteen years ago a young man walked into my office in Lithonia, GA and introduced me to Wholefood Farmacy. I've been sold on it every since. Way back then it was owned by different people. He told me that originally PHI+ was to be called Pulse as found in the book of Daniel in the Bible. But for legality reasons they were unable to name it that. So PHI+ is the name of my favorite product. Pure Healthy Ingredients +. It is now owned by a family who purchased the company in September, 2011 and the Wholefood Farmacy Farm is now located in Fayetteville, TN. These pure whole foods are what God designed our bodies to partake of. Click on the WholeFood Farmacy Boxes above to check out all of the wonderful products!


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